I'm Sondre.

I make things

I make things. You can see them on my GitHub.

About me

I'm a computer technology student at the University of Bergen with a passion for safe and reliable software, open source and programming. I'm also a firm believer in applying the KISS principle and the worse is better philosophy to my projects. I enjoy and use strongly typed languages, Linux and mechanical keyboards.

Featured projects

git ignore

Quickly and easily list and fetch .gitignore templates from gitignore.io. Works offline by caching the templates as well.

git anger management

Ever wanted to know just how angry your commits are? This small utility checks all the commits in a repository for naughty words and their authors.

MOCCA: MOCCA Operational Controller for Coffee Availability

As a student, one of the most important questions while studying is whether there is coffee left in our brewer. As enterprising students, me and a friend built a system that automatically detects when and for how long coffee has been brewing, how hot it is and how much is left.